A Time of Fellowship

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Sunday night after the service at LBT I was able to spend some time of fellowship with Pastor John and Ann Operfman from California (left) who are graduates of Texas Baptist College and dear friends. Next to the Operfmans is Pastor Bill Davis of North Carolina. Brother Davis surrendered to the ministry under my preaching in a tent meeting years ago. Next to me are Dr. Michael and Joyce Callaghan of Richmond, California across the bay from the Operfmans. The Callaghans have been wonderful friends to Mrs. Gray and myself for over 30 years. The last time Mrs. Gray was able to take a vacation was when the Callaghans invited us to go to San Francisco 6 years ago and we had a wonderful time. Mrs. Gray still talks about that trip and often wishes she could go one more time. Gotta love friends! They are a gift from God!

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