Singer Alvin Martinez

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Alvin Martinez from Dr. Jack Trieber’s church in San Jose, California, is one of the most exciting Christians I have ever meet in my life. His singing is spirit filled and his walk is spirit filled. He started as a janitor for Dr. Trieber and now is on the pastoral staff. He started a Sunday school class from zero is running over 200 and has recently moved into the old auditorium at the North Valley Baptist Church. It was a thrill to hear him sing at the 29th NATIONAL SOUL WINNING CLINIC.

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  1. I have just recently become familiar with this man's great singing voice and ministry from God on the Old Fashioned Christian Radio on the internet. When I hear a voice like that it stirs my heart towards God. He has really blessed my heart listening to him sing. Praise God he is on God's team!

    Peter Doyne
    Ontario, Canada

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