Pastor and Mrs. Jay Weaver

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I had the wonderful privilege to preach for Pastor Jay Weaver who pastors the Cardington Baptist Temple in Cardington, Ohio. He has been the pastor since 1999 and is doing a good job of reaching his community with the Gospel. He was born in Columbia to missionaries. His dear mother was at the service this morning. I taught on Forgiveness in Sunday school and preached Who Shall Be Damned? in the morning service. As of now I plan to preach tonight on Everything Rises Or Falls on Followship. We had a nice lunch today with the pastor, his wife, and their 17 year old son. God gave me 9 souls this week and God gave me two baptisms in two different churches today. It is a thrill to receive calls from churches where I have preached and hear of converts walking the aisles after I have left town. I will be getting up at 3:30 ET to catch a flight to Chicago and then on to Richmond, Va, for a Monday and Tuesday meeting with Dr. Ron Tally. What a great preacher he is! I love the name of his church-HYLES BAPTIST CHURCH!

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