Pastor Eleno Orozco

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From left to right in the picture you have Pastors Eleno Orozco, Danny Ortiz, and Jaime Aquilar. Pastor Aquilar is a graduate of Texas Baptist College and has started a church in Mexico City. He held a revival meeting and invited Pastors Eleno Orozco and Danny Ortiz to preach the meeting. They averaged 150 each night and many trusted Christ as Saviour. The interesting thing is that Pastor Orozco was saved at Longview Baptist Temple in 1983. He was the spanish man that came to church but did not know English and in broken spanish a man named Dwayne Nishiemoto (spelling ?) spoke a little spanish and led this man to Christ. He was baptized and later on went to Brother Ashcrafts’ Bible College, after surrendering to the ministry for training. He is now a successful pastor in San Luis Potosi, which is a very poor city in Mexico. WOW! Gotta love soul winning!

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