Texas Baptist College Grad Pastor Keith Bell

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I had the privilege of preaching for one of our TBC graduates this morning. Pastor Keith Bell started the Texas Baptist Church 9 years ago! It is amazing what God has done for this man of God. He started this church in a warehouse next top a bar, in fact I think he still drinks a little still! Ha! His church is averaging 300 in attendance on Sundays and is out of room. God gave them a church facility a few years ago and he has renovated it into a beautiful auditorium along with Sunday school space. I was not told the final total for Sunday school this morning but I would suspect it was far greater in number than the normal 300. I taught in Sunday school the lesson on “The Lines of Defense.” I preached this morning “Ye Must Be Born Again.” There were 55 saved, 40 professions, and 29 baptized. Pastor and Mrs. Bell are a great testimony not only of the grace of God but they are great representatives of TBC! Gotta love soul winning churches! By the way he believes the KJB is preserved inspiration for the English speaking people. You can trust that TBC will not be critical of the preserved inspiration of the KJB at TBC! AMEN!

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