Preacher Boys from Texas Baptist Church

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I preached today for my good friend Pastor Keith Bell of the Texas Baptist Church of San Antonio, Texas. We had a blessed day! 50 saved, 40 professions, and 29 baptized. I preached tonight on “Will A Man Rob God?” The spirit was great, the response great, and the altars were full! After the service the preacher boys from the church asked to have their picture taken with me. To the right is a picture of those young men! From right to left you will see Matthew Jimenez, Josh Villegas, Vincent Villegas, myself, Manuel Dixon, Frddie Dixon, and Johnny Gonzales. These young men are all going to attend TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE for their training for the ministry. Great decision!WOW! Gotta love soul winning churches who believe in the preserved inspiration of the KJB! You do not have to worry about the KJB being criticized at TBC! AMEN!

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