Raven Thornton

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I had the privilege of preaching for TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduate Pastor Dexter Landers Jr. He pastors the Mount Zion Baptist Church of Whiteburg, Ga. Dozens of area churches were closed for Sunday services because of snow and ice. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived for the morning services and the building was full. Amazing! To my right is Raven Thornton who trusted Christ for payment of her sins. She made a profession of faith Sunday morning and will be baptized next Sunday. There were two professions of faith and one baptized. Pastor Landers told me that the heater for the baptistery was broken and the water was freezing. A dad who was saved last week brought his son to church and he made a profession of faith and manned up and was baptized! He said he didn’t care whether it was heated or not, he wanted to be baptized. I wondered if he had second thoughts when he came up out of the water. Ha! This is a great soul winning church! Gotta love soul winning!

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