Coach Bill Maskill Sr.

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I attended Galesburg-Augusta school system in Galesburg, Michigan, from grade school all the way through high-school. While in Junior High School I met the new coach for the G-A High-School by the name of Bill Maskill Sr. He would walk the halls looking for any one he could talk into playing football. I decided to be a part of the junior high football team and rest is history as they say! Our school system had a terrible football program before Coach Maskill took over the program. He was a grad of Michigan State University and had previously coached in Sheritan, Michigan. He was a special man then and is special now. He is 86 years of age. In my senior year our 1962-3 football team ended up being number one in the state of Michigan. We went 8-0 with only one touchdown scored on us! Great team because of a great coach. He is in the Hall of Fame in the state of Michigan for coaches. Our team had a reunion at Coach’s house. We had a great time! Later that night our team was introduced for induction in the Hall of Fame in between basketball games in the new G-A gymnasium. After the introductions several of us went to a local restaurant for a meal and again it was great to see team mates and wives of team mates! Yes, I led in prayer before we ate!

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