John and Peggy Redinour and Jan Rachor

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At the Sunday morning service of the Prairie Baptist Church, Scotts, Michigan, I was thrilled to see two of my class mates come to hear me preach. Peggy and Jan graduated with Lee Ann and myself in 1963. Peggy lived across the street from Lee Ann in Augusta, Michigan. Jan lived up the hill from Lee Ann. They attended Kindergarden and grade school through high-school together. There are only a handful of girls who attended Kindergarden through high-school from Augusta. John is a graduated of a neighbor school in Schoolcraft. John and Peggy met at 4H meetings, dated and ended up getting married. They still live in Augusta while Jan is married and lives in Otsego, Michigan. I was so glad to see them on Sunday. At the invitation time they prayed and said they were trusting Christ as their personal Saviour. WOW! Gotta love it!

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