Tony Martin

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I traveled from Longview, Texas, by car for this week end. Normally I fly to somewhere on Saturday. By the way American Airlines just sent me my 5 million mile Executive Platinum Card. I am a lifetime member of the Executive Platinum club. Regardless of how little or how much I travel I will never lose my status. I also have 1 million miles total on three other airlines. WOW! I feel tired all of a sudden.
I arrived in Ardmore, Oklahoma, and checked into the Comfort Inn & Suites where desk clerk Tony Martin checked me in. I then drove to the Bible Baptist Church to set up my book table and there I met Pastor Tracy Currington, his wife, and several church members. Pastor started this church just a couple of years ago. While I was there I mentioned Tony and the pastor told me that his wife had led Terri, Tony’s wife, to Christ. WOW! So, when I returned to the motel I took the time to visit and then present the Gospel to Tony. He listened and in a few moments, with a lady standing at the desk encouraging Tony to listen, he bowed his head and took me by the hand and received Christ as his personal Saviour. Gotta love soul wining! Somebody say AMEN!
The lady, Lynda Martinez, said to Tony after he prayed, “Welcome to the family of God!” I then asked Lynda to take our picture with my new iphone. Love that iphone! Lynda said she wanted to come hear me preach so she will be coming Sunday also. AMEN!

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