Blazing Fire In The Fireplace

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Today we ended up with 5 inches in total. 49 of the 50 states had snow today. Amazing! Dallas had 12 inches and a lot of folks are without power and it will stay that way for a few days. We lost our electricity twice during the night but it was on all day today. I stayed inside except when Jacob and David Dean came by and we had a snowball fight. Poor young things! They have no idea how to fight with snowballs. It is bad to be so young and so inexperienced in snowball fights! Ha! I did 12 miles on my treadmill all together! Typed up some more chapters and avoided all the sweets that were brought over for Mrs. Grays’ birthday from yesterday. She is 65! OOPS! I mean 39! This cold weather has taken its toll on her last night and today! The kids made a cake and gave her some gift certificates to JUICY’S! She has been hooked on JUICY’S hamburgers lately. Scott and his family sent a birthday gift and Mrs. Gray loved it. I gave her money for her birthday! I also bought a large heart shaped box of candy for Valentine’s Day! What a good husband I am! Ha!

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