Jimmy and Iris Mesker

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Yesterday I drove to Corsicana, Texas, to preach for my friend Pastor Chad Owens. He is doing a great job of not only spreading the Gospel to Corsicana but also in Africa. This is an unusual church. They have started almost a dozen churches in Africa without being apart of a “denomination” or “team.” These churches baptized 13,000 converts last year! Pastor Owens travels to Africa once a year to preach in those churches and hold campaigns. Gotta love soul winning! When I arrived this morning for Sunday school I was greeted at the door by Iris Mesker. Iris is the daughter of Shorty Aiken who I was privileged to lead to Christ. Shorty worked as our bus mechanic for years. He and his precious wife are in Heaven. There were some 18 family members that trusted Christ as a result. Jimmy is the son of Iris and the grandson of Shorty. Jimmy was a teenager when he was saved and baptized at Longview Baptist Temple. Gotta love soul winning.

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