Granddaughter Aly

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Last night was the weekly Soul Winning night at Longview Baptist Temple. My soul winning partner was my granddaughter Aly. She is the daughter of my daughter Karen Forgy. She is married to what’s his name?????? Oh! Tim! Ha! Last night Aly and I led Norma Rodriquez to Christ. She said she would come Sunday and I contacted Assistant Pastor Dexter Landers Sr. and asked if he would pick her up for me. I will be flying to California on Saturday to preach for Pastor Jerry Cook on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday I will be preaching with my good friend Dr. Darrel Cox at Dr. Ray Rameriz’s church in Los Angeles. The Hillside Baptist Church of L. A. is one of the great soul winning churches in America. Gotta love serving the Lord and soul winning! Somebody say AMEN!

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