Pastor Jerry Cook

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I am in Santa Clarita, Ca., preaching this week end. I am preaching for Pastor Jerry Cook of the Freedom’s Way Baptist Church. Pastor Cook started this church seven years ago and is doing a wonderful work for our Lord. He did something a little unusual for Sunday school. Of course this is California, right? Ha! He asked me to give a little bio of myself and then open the floor for the adults to ask questions. We had a great time and I believe God used it to be of help. His people have a great spirit and a great sense of humor. You have to have the great sense of humor in order to have me in to preach! Ha! I then preached the sermon, “Why Do I Still Have My Burdens?” Many of his folks mentioned afterwards that the truth was a big help. Church services will be held at 5 tonight and I am looking forward to preaching again tonight. I called Mrs. Gray and she is doing good! She said the weather man said there was going to be another snow coming in on Wednesday. WOW! I hope not! That is when I am flying home. I will be preaching for Dr. Ray Rameriz of the Hillside Baptist Church of Los Angeles this Monday and Tuesday and then flying home on Wednesday. By the way, Dr. Darrell Cox of Mocksville, NC, will be joining me for this meeting. I love Dr. Cox! He is a mess! He reminds me of a combination of Lester Roloff and John Rawlings backslid!

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