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Pastor Jerry Cook who pastors the Freedom’s Way Baptist Church of Santa Clarita, Ca., rents a building from another church that conducts their service at 11 am. Pastor Cook started the Freedom’s Way Baptist Church seven years ago and it doing a great job with some wonderful people but is forced to rent as of now! The pastor told me not to panic when I walked into the auditorium and saw the drum set. He said it was used by the church they rent from. I couldn’t resist sitting behind the drum set. The pastor took my picture and said he was going to black mail me. The only thing I know to do is to go a head and publish the picture and confess that it is true. “Please forgive me for I have sinned!” Ha! I have never quit understood why it is that God’s people are so intrigued with bringing the world’s music into God’s house. First of all it is nothing more than amateur hour. It might as well be an American Idol contest. I’d rather hear the real thing! Oops! Have I gone to meddling? Back to this King James Bible Issue! Ha!

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