Bri Doster

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I had the honor of preaching for Pastor Jerry Cook of Freedom’s Way Baptist Church of Santa Clarita, Ca., this past week end. We had some great services with the altars filled. The Pastor met me at the LAX airport on Saturday and we drove about 44 miles north to Santa Clarita-Valencia area. I registered at the Best Western Motel in Valencia on Saturday and was met by the clerk whose name is Bri Doster. She was very nice and accommodating. I handed her one of the church Gospel tracts and joked with her. I told her she had to study that tract and that I would be back to give her an exam on the material in that Gospel tract. She laughed and said, “Yes” she would study the tract. I went by the office at 11 today to check out. She was there and after taking care of business I asked her if she was ready for the exam. She laughed and said, “Yes.” I carefully went over the Gospel and in a few moments she bowed her head and prayed to trust Christ by faith to become the payment for all of her sins. WOW! Gotta love soul winning! Looks like the old King James Bible is still inspired. Oh, by the way a leader in fundamentalism said he was, “tired of hearing about the KJB being inspired!” He said, “The word ‘inspired’ is not even found in the Scriptures.” Well my friend neither is the word “rapture” but Jesus is still coming back for His own! Why would a leader of fundamentalism want or desire to cast DOUBT on the Word of God having preserved inspiration. That my friend is not from God. Our God is not the author of confusion. Reminds me of someone else who said, “Yea, hath God said.” JUST A THOUGHT! Someone ought to write a book on JUST A THOUGHT! Ha!

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