Mrs Ortiz Mother of Gabriel Ortiz

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After preaching tonight at the ANNUAL SOUL WINING CONFERENCE hosted by Hillside Baptist Church of Los Angeles, Ca., a lady walked up and asked me if I knew a TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE student named Gabriel Ortiz. I replied, “Yes, he is in one of my classes that I teach at TBC.” She then proceeded to tell me that she was Gabriel’s mother. She asked me to please tell Gabriel that she is very proud of him and that she loves her son. She asked me to give him a hug from me, but the truth is he is just not my type! Ha! I am so glad to be able to assure parents around the country that they have no fear and can certainly trust their children at TBC. You never have to worry about the King James Bible being corrected, criticized, or having someone say there are 22,000 mistakes in the KJB at TBC!

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