Tuesday Night Service

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I have for fifteen years preached for my good friend Dr. Ray Rameriz. He founded and is pastor of the Hillside Baptist Church of Los Angeles, Ca. The church last year baptized 3,133 of their converts. That is amazing! He and his church host an Annual Soul Winning Conference. Dr. Darrell Cox joined me on Monday night and we enjoyed two days of preaching together. He is a great man of God! I know what it takes to put together a conference like this and Hillside Baptist Church certainly did an excellent job of preparing for this great conference. The lower floor and the balcony were packed each night with chairs up and down the aisles. If you ever are in Los Angeles please do yourself a favor and visit one of the church services of this great soul winning church. Gotta love soul winning. By the way, this afternoon those at the conference went soul winning and we had 650 people trust Christ as Saviour. Well somebody say amen!

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