Debbie Thompson

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I preached at the FOUNDATION CONFERENCE in Eustis, Florida. This ANNUAL FOUNDATION CONFERENCE is hosted by the Lighthouse Baptist Church pastored by Dr. Michael Watkins. He has been here for 15 years and dong a great job. I told my wife today that I am going to start calling his church the Sardine Baptist Church. There was absolutely no room Sunday! This place was packed. God gave us 12 who trusted Christ and 6 who followed the Lord in baptism. At the conference I spotted several of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates. One of those is Debbie Thompson who is a teacher for Dr. Lamar Breedlove of Lake Helen, Florida. Debbie’s parents are also on the faculty of the TEMPLE BAPTIST SCHOOLS of Longview Baptist Temple in Longview, Texas. She comes from a great family. Her dad and mom have one of the great bus routes at LBT. Gotta love serving the Lord!

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