Glenn Green

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Today I taught Sunday school and preached the morning service for Dr. Ron Talley who pastors the Hyles Baptist Church of Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Talley is a veteran pastor! He has pastored the Hyles Baptist Church for 25 years and has traveled regularly across the country preaching for other men of God. He is, in my estimation, one of the great pulpiteers of our nation. Dr. Talley introduced me to Mr. Glenn Green before Sunday school. Pastor Talley had led him to Christ this week while out soul winning. Glenn came this morning and walked the aisle professing faith in Christ. I told Glenn that I wanted him to be my body guard while I was in town. He is a big boy! He was a Navy Seal and he is still strong as an ox! This morning we had 8 saved. I am looking forward to tonight’s service. I you are ever in the Richmond, Va., area please make a point to visit the Hyles Baptist Church. You will not be disappointed. Gotta love serving the Lord!

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