Dr. and Mrs. Talley

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Dr. and Mrs. Talley along with Mrs. Gray and myself attended Hyles-Anderson College at the same time. We both arrived their in 1974. I graduated in 1976 and was a part of the first four year class of HAC. It was such a blessing to relive those days. We both lamented about missing Dr. Jack Hyles. He was our preacher and we loved him very much. This is one of the finest couples serving the Lord that you will ever meet. Dr. Talley is one of the greatest pulpiteers alive that I have ever heard preach. Today God gave us a total of 19 saved! Somebody say AMEN! Gotta love serving the Lord!

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  1. Amen… Dr. Talley has also taken on the decision to win one person to Christ every day through soul winning since April of 2009. He's done so every day but one so far! A great example!

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