Josh Cummings

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Dr. Ron Talley invited me to preach for him today. I flew in yesterday and when the pastor picked me up at the airport I observed him leading a soldier to Jesus Christ. This man of God is a great soul winner. I taught Sunday school for the pastor’s class this morning on the subject “Forgiveness.” God used this great truth to be a blessing I believe. I preached this morning on “Who Shall Be Damned?” God gave us 19 souls this Lord’s Day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this great church. What a wonderful spirit these dear folks have at the Hyles Baptist Church. Tonight the young man to my right, Josh Cummings, trusted Christ and made a public profession of his faith. What a great way to top off the services today. There is shouting in Heaven over one sinner that repents! Gotta love soul winning! The preserved inspiration of the Words of God are still effective in 2010. I do not have a 1611 KJV I have a 2010 KJV! Somebody say AMEN!

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