Zahur Gull

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Tonight I had the honor of going soul winning with one of our young men Jacob Dean. Jacob and I went to the American Motel on Highway 80 in Longview, Texas. The owner of the moteh Mr. Zahur Gull was in the office. When I inquired about a family that was staying there he informed me that they had moved. I then began to talk to Mr. Gull about the Lord Jesus Christ and how He could pay for the sins of any human being that would trust Him by faith to do so. he listened and in a few moments bowed his head and took me by the hand and prayed to trust Christ to pay for all of his sins. It was a great moment! WOW! Gotta love soul winning! YES the King James Bible has and will always have inspiration! Preserved inspiration is still in existence in the Scriptures! Gotta love the Scriptures!

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