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The Parkside Baptist Church of Mesquite, Texas, hosted THE BAPTIST CONFERENCE ON SOUL WINNING this week. Dr. Mike Wells is the host pastor. Dr. Larry May preached the opening service tonight on “Wavering Baptists.” What a great sermon! He was used of God to build the Parkside Baptist Church. Now, since his retirement he has been traveling all over the nation challenging and providing practical helps to local churches. He is a tremendous pulpiteer and I thoroughly enjoyed myself tonight and was glad to be an independent Baptist! Tuesday night Dr. Mike Wells will be preaching. Thank God for these young men of God who are not being moved by every wind of new doctrine that comes along. Who would have ever thought that we as fundamentalists would be questioning the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible? Sad day but a great day for the opportunity that is before us in America. The truth will always prevail and I refuse to me one of those “Wavering Baptists.” Gotta love the preserved inspiration of the Scriptures found in the King James Bible for the English speaking peoples!

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