Dry Bones

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I am preaching for one of our TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduates Pastor Mark Foster of the Liberty Baptist Church of Holly Ridge, NC. He and his dear wife are doing an amazing job. They started with 20 and today had 141 which in fact broke their high day record for last year and the history of the church. I noticed on the pulpit two bones. It says on the bones, “Can These Bones Live?” The pastor told me of how one of his men had heard by sermon, “Son Of Man, Can These Bones Live?” and he find two dry bones and wrote “Can These Bones Live?” and placed it on the pulpit. The pastor loved it so much that they stay on his pulpit he says to remind him that yes these dry bones can live! Gotta love serving the Lord! By the way, these bones can only live with the Word of God not the words of what a Dr. Harold Wilmington says are the correct words. No man has a right to correct the WORDS OF GOD!

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