Pastor Mark Foster

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Assistant Pastor Bob Queen drove me to Shreveport early Saturday morning to catch and American Eagle flight. I flew from Shreveport, La., to DFW, and then on to Charlotte, NC. Pastor Mark Foster who pastors the Liberty Baptist Church of Holly Ridge, NC., picked me up at the airport and we had a great time of fellowship on our way to the Holiday Inn Express where I will be staying for a couple of days. Pastor Foster has been the pastor of Liberty for the past 5 years and is doing a marvelous job. He started with 20 and today had 141 in church with 7 saved and 5 baptized. The baptistry heater busted last night and the platform was flooded. The pastor and some of his men quickly vacuumed up the water and refilled the baptistry. But it was freezing well water that was put back into the baptistry. I really felt for the dear people who were baptized. Bless their hearts, or better yet there bodies, for wanting to go ahead and be baptized anyway. Pastor Foster and his dear wife are graduates of TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE and I am very proud of them. They certainly represent the Lord very well. I have a opportunity that few men of God have in being able to travel and preach for one of our over 400 graduates almost every week of the world. The great thing about TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE is you do not have to worry about the criticism of the King James Bible. We not only have one Bible that we use we also believe it to be preserved inspiration. By the way, neither do we have to go to Lynchburg, VA., to have Dr. Harold Wilmington teach us what words in the KJB are right and which ones are wrong. We happened to believe they are ALL right! Ps. 12:6-7! Gotta love serving the Lord!

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