Diana McCool

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I arrived in Philadelphia, PA, to preach for Pastor Jay Mulholland of the Grace Baptist Church of Philly on Sunday morning and then Sunday night for Pastor Dominic Pennachietti who pastors the Bethel Baptist Church of Philly along with a Monday night rally at Bethel Baptist Church. If you are in the Philadelphia area please make plans to attend Monday night. This is one of the most exciting churches you will ever visit. I spoke at Bethel on a Sunday night last year and it was a great meeting! By the way these are strong King James men of God and have not wavered at all on the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible. Gotta love these men of God who are not swayed by the powers that be in fundamentalism!
My room was not ready at the Loews Hotel in down town Philly. I tagged my bags with Phil Kuo, a porter for the hotel. I then gave him a Gospel tract and in a few minutes he prayed to trust Christ as payment for all of his sins.
I then looked for the hotel restaurant. When I entered the room a little lady, Diana McCool, at the desk said that the restaurant was closed but that I could order something to eat at the bar that was opened. I joked with her and said to her, “Lady I am a Baptist preacher and if I sat at that bar not only would God get me, but my mama would hunt me down!” She laughed and said that I could order and set at table in the same room as the bar. I told her it was too close to the bar and that I would be tempted to do wrong if I sat there. She laughed and took me to a private area and told me I would be out of harms way here. She told me that a bartender would be here in a minute and I told her I couldn’t use a bartender and she laughed and said, “Let’s pretend he’s a waiter.” We both laughed and in a few minutes I was served a grilled chicken salad and a bottle of water. (Yes, it was water!)
While I was eating Diana came back in this secluded area to check on me. She brought me another bottle of water. (Yes, it was water also.) I then began to ask questions about her and where she was from. She told me that she was from Mexico and then she blurted out that her sister was a Christian. I asked her if she was a Christian and she said, “No, I’m a Catholic.” Forgive me but I thought that was funny! After a few minutes of explaining the Gospel to her she said to me, “That is exactly what my sister has been telling me.” WOW! It didn’t take long for me to draw the net after that! She sweetly bowed her head and prayed to trust Christ for payment of all of her sins. AMAZING! Gotta love soul winning!

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