Phil Kuo

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I was up at 4 am, quiet time, 4 miles on the treadmill, ate a light breakfast, and fixed Mrs. Gray some toast and cereal. I then worked on a couple of new chapters and then put all of my luggage in the car to go to the Gregg County Airport. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen was at the house at 6:15 to drive me to the airport. I arrived at the airport at 6:45 and waited to board an American Eagle flight to DFW.
Then I flew to Philadelphia, PA, to preach in the morning at the Grace Baptist Church pastored by Pastor Jay Mulholland. I was met at the airport by Danny Pennachietti and his dad Pastor Dominic Pennachietti who pastors the Bethel Baptist Church of Philly. I will be preaching Sunday night at the Bethel Baptist Church and then again there for a rally on Monday night. What a great church Bethel Baptist is. I had the privilege of preaching on a Sunday night last year for this great man of God. He is one of a kind!
I am staying at the Loews Hotel downtown Philly. WOW! What a fancy place this is! My room was not quite ready so I had Phil Kuo tag my luggage and give me a receipt so I could go eat a bite while waiting for my room to be ready. I greeted Phil and then gave him a Gospel tract. I chatted for a minute and then gave him the Gospel. In a few minutes he bowed his head and prayed for Christ to become the payment for all of his sins. Wow! Gotta love soul winning!

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