Pastor Dominic Pennachietti

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I am in Philadelphia, PA., preaching this week end. This morning I preached at the Grace Baptist Church and tonight at the Bethel Baptist Church pastored by my friend Pastor Dominic Pennachietti. Doesn’t he look like he is apart of the Mafia? Ha! In fact all of his men look like they are packing heat! Ha! The building was packed tonight. This is a great church in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. Several raised their hands tonight saying they were receiving Christ as payment for their sins. The atmosphere is electric in this church. Yes, yankees can have a great spirit too! This has been a great Lord’s Day. Monday night we are going to have a rally at Bethel Baptist Church. If you are in the area please make plans to attend the meeting. The service starts at 7 pm. Gotta love serving the Lord!

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