Hope Daniel

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I was up at 5 this morning. I did not get on the treadmill! Lazy, lazy, lazy! I did walk an extra 4 miles last evening so I could sleep in a little this morning. The poodle and Mrs. Gray never moved! I caught the American Eagle flight from Longview, Texas, to DFW. I then caught an American Airlines flight to Jacksonville, Fl. Sitting next to me was a sweet lady who was saved and attended a large Southern Baptist Church in the Dallas area and attended her mothers’ church, which is a small Baptist church, in the area.
We chatted for a little bit and she commented on the new types of services the big church conducted verses the warmth and old time religion type services her mom’s church held. I of course told her what I believed to be the best type of services a church should have when they met. I like the old time hymns and songs. This new type of music is worldly to say the least and is not a foretaste of Heaven. Somebody say amen!
Pastor Ed Hall meet me at the airport and we loaded my luggage into his car and stopped by the church. He pastors the Heavenly Heights Baptist Church in northern Jacksonville. He has been their pastor for one year and is an aggressive personal soul winner. We then left the church and by the time we arrived at the Holiday Inn Express my room was ready. We signed in and went to the room. When we unlocked the room the pastor noticed that the fruit basket was not there and started to make a comment about when a little lady showed up from the front desk with the fruit basket. Hope Daniel was her name and we thanked her and I joked about getting her a raise while I was here. I gave her a Gospel tract and we chatted for a minute. Then I explained to her what the Gospel was and soon she bowed her head to receive Jesus Christ as payment for her sins. It was great! Gotta love soul winning!
The old preserved inspired King James Bible still works! It is not just preserved words other wise there is no life in those words. It is preserved inspiration that makes the Words live and become incorruptible seed that when placed into the soul of a man, woman, boy, or girl causes the new birth. AMEN! Somebody say amen!

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