Kathy Clark

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I taught Sunday school this morning at the Heavenly Heights Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Fl., on “Forgiveness.” I then preached the morning service on “Who Shall Be Damned?” One person prayed to receive Christ and a dear lady joined the church this am. I am so glad that there is rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner that repents.
The pastor gave me a car to drive so I used my iphone to find my way to the Holiday Inn Express where I am staying. When I arrived back at my room someone knocked at my door and when I opened it there was the cleaning lady. She asked if I wanted my room cleaned and I told her yes but to give me a second to change. I had stopped by Wendy’s to buy their grilled chicken salad. I changed and then took my salad to the breakfast area at the motel to eat. I passed Kathy in the hall way and told her she could do my room now. I ate lunch and went back to my room and she was just leaving. I paused and talked to her for a little. I found out that she had just moved from Mississippi to Jacksonville 6 weeks earlier. Bless her heart she looked so timid and even a little nervous when I began to talk to her. Then it dawned on me I was holding a knife in my hand I used to cut up the grilled chicken salad. I laughed and told her I was a preacher and that the knife was for cutting up the salad. She smiled and relaxed! Within a few minutes after explaining the Gospel to her she bowed her head and received Christ as her Saviour. I wonder what would have happened if I, with the knife in my hand, had asked her, “If you died today do you know for sure that you would go to Heaven?” Gotta love soul winning!

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