Wednesday Night Soul Winning With Aly

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Every Wednesday Night at 6 pm our church the Longview Baptist Temple goes soul winning before the Wednesday Night Bible Study. Tonight I went with my granddaughter Aly Forgy. She is the daughter of my daughter Karen and her husband (ole what’s his name?) Tim. Really he is a great guy! The room was packed with soul winners tonight and the spirit was great! I love going soul winning with my grandchildren.
Tonight Aly and I followed up on Mr. Roger Brown at the Hidden Hills Apartments. Roger a few weeks ago prayed to trust Christ as his Saviour. Roger was not home from work yet but his mother and son were there at the apartment. We chatted a little bit and then I had opportunity to present the Gospel to them. His mother Virginia told me she was very familiar with the Scriptures that I was talking to her concerning Heaven and Hell. I had to take a little more time with Roger’s son Kendrell. I had to explain what sin was and to make sure he understood that he along with us were what the Bible calls sinners. I explained about the penalty of sin. I explained about how Jesus came to earth and why he came to earth. In a few minutes they both bowed their heads and prayed to trust Christ for the payment of their sins. It was great! Gotta love soul winning!

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