Honest Moyo

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I arrived in Columbus, Ohio, to preach for my good friend Dr. Tracy Fowler who pastors the Heritage Baptist Church. He has been a faithful man of God for many years in this city. He is a personal soul winner and I am glad to call him friend.
He took me to the Holiday Inn Express off of Hamilton Road to check into my room. After I unpacked and answered some phone calls I went down to the exercise room to get on the treadmill. When I entered into the exercise room and started to get on the treadmill I found a sign that said, “OUT OF ORDER.” I went to the young man at the desk and he apologized. I asked about if they have some type of an exchange program with a sister motel. Most places do work together with some sister motel. He said, “Yes, the Hampton Inn.” He called and the clerk agreed to let me drive over and use their treadmill.
When I arrived I introduced myself to the clerk. You will not believe this but his first name is HONEST. His name is Honest Moyo and he is from Bucawayo, Zimbabwa. He has been in America for 8 years and moved here from Dallas, Texas. I couldn’t help but laugh and I asked him if he was always honest. He laughed and said, “90 % of the time.” He gave me a key to the exercise room and so I went to do my 4 miles. When I finished I went to the desk to thank him and he was busy with another customer. I waited until he was finished and then struck up a conversation. It was fascinating to listen to his story. After a while I gave him the Gospel and presented Scriptures to assure him that he could know for sure that when he dies that he would go to Heaven. He was listening intently. After a few minutes he took me by the hand and prayed to receive Jesus Christ as payment for all of his sins. I gave him some assurance verses and he said he would do his best to be at church Sunday night. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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