Katie Ratliff and Stacy Withers

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I preached tonight at Heritage Baptist Church of Columbus, Ohio, pastored by my good friend Dr. Tracy Fowler. I preached tonight on “Everything Rises Or Falls On Followship.” The building was full and the altar was full. This is a great church! They have a great spirit and certainly the Holy Spirit has liberty in their services. We had 13 saved today with 4 baptisms. It was a great Lord’s Day!
Stacy Withers is the music coordinator for Pastor Fowler. She is a 2003 TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE graduate. Stacy parents Mr. and Mrs. Withers are faithful members of LONGVIEW BAPTIST TEMPLE. She is a home grown girl and I am very proud of her. The young 12 year old lady next to Stacy is one of her piano students Katie Ratliff. Stacy is training the next generation in the importance of good godly music. The music today at the the Heritage Baptist Church was spirit filled and electrifying! Thank you Stacy for carrying on the great heritage at Heritage!
May I say it again! You do not have to worry about any one at TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE correcting or placing a question mark on the preserved inspiration of the King James Bible. Not only are we producing soul winning students but they are solid doctrinally! The Lord has given us over 400 graduates serving around the world! We are very proud of them! Gotta love serving the Lord!

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