Whose Car Does This Belong Too?

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I was up at 7 this morning. I had my quiet time, ate a light breakfast, read my USA TODAY paper, drove to the Hampton Inn, and walked 4 miles on the treadmill. I came back and worked on new chapters for my new book on Heaven. The rain finally stopped so I went to the local mall and measured out 4 miles and then walked it. I came back and showered, dressed, and went to lunch. Came back and worked on some more chapters and then went to the mall for another 4 miles. I am tired!
I am preaching at the Heritage Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. The pastor let me drive his wife’s car. Reese is her name. What I did not know until tonight was that Reese had told her husband that while she was away hosting a tour to the Holy Land that he was not to let any one drive her car. Reese, I know that you will see this so I want you to know that I drove your car. You have a great car. Do you know that it will do 100 mph? I have some good news and some bad news for you! The good news is your air bags work!
I preached tonight on “Eternal Life.” I explained that there is a difference between a “Quantity of life” and a “Quality of life.” When the rich young man, the lawyer, and the ruler asked the same question about how to inherit eternal life of Jesus; Jesus answered their question about “Eternal Life” and and was not answering a question about “Everlasting Life.” This was not a question about “Everlasting Life” but about “Eternal Life.” If you are going to “live forever” how about living “for forever.” “Everlasting Life” is a duration of life while “Eternal Life” is a quality of life.
If you are not careful you will draw from Jesus’ answer a works salvation. These three may be three different men or they may all be the same man. I don’t know? The Bible doesn’t say? I do know that Jesus’ answer was about a “quality of life” and not a “quantity of life.” They saw how others who were saved and followed Jesus how they were living a “quality of life” that they envied. They had wealth, prestige, and power but they realized they did not have what the children of God possessed. JUST A THOUGHT!

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