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I was up at 7 yesterday, had my quiet time, walked 8 miles, fixed breakfast for Mrs. Gray, ate a light breakfast, and finished packing my car. I drove to Durant, Oklahoma, yesterday, to preach for my good friend Pastor Phil Winn. He pastors the Westside Baptist Church.
I taught Sunday school this morning on “Forgiveness.” I preached on “Why Do I Still Have My Burdens?” The altar was full and I believe it was of help. One dear 90 year old saint will bury her daughter this week and my heart went out to her! What a sweet lady! She reminded me of my dear 98 year old mother.
I called Mama just before Sunday school and told her that I loved her and wished her a happy Mother’s Day. I asked Mama how she was feeling and she responded, “With my fingers!” She still has her wits about her! I laughed!
God gave me 12 souls last week and 6 so far this week. I am excited about tonight’s service. I have two lined up for tonight. God gave me two baptisms in two different churches today and for that I am grateful! Gotta love soul winning!
Our grandson R. G. celebrated his 19th birthday on Friday. He had one request for his birthday and that was the family to play a softball game. They went to McWorter Park and had a great time. R. G. is such a blessing! He is our miracle grand child! Gotta love family!

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