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I preached this morning at the High Street Baptist Church of Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Charles Mainous is the pastor and is doing a great job of leading them to win souls. I taught in Sunday school the lesson on “Motives vs. Works.” I preached the sermon “Who Shall Be Damned?” God gave 56 souls and 3 baptisms this morning. WOW! Great crowd and great results!
After the baptisms and the final prayer I slipped out to go to the truck the pastor so graciously allowed me to drive while I am here. I noticed a cab sitting in the church parking lot. I walked up and introduced myself to the cab driver. His name is Terry Davis. I shook his hand and handed him one of our churches Gospel tracts and asked if he knew for sure that he was going to Heaven when he died? He replied,”No I don’t!” While he was waiting to take his fare to her house he listened carefully to the Scriptures. In a few moments he took me by the hand and asked Christ to be the payment for all of his sins. He thanked me and said he would do his best to come to church tonight. I told him well at least you know where the church is located. He laughed! As he drove away he waved at me and hollered out , “Thanks preacher!” GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING

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