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Each week Longview Baptist Temple conduct 9 soul winning meetings to give every member an opportunity to go soul winning. Last night was the 6 pm meeting in the Longview Christian Academy Commons Area. The room was full and my soul winning partner for the night was David Dean. He was chosen as the Student of the year for 2010 of the Temple Baptist Schools system. I am very proud of this young man. His mother is a single mom and one of the hardest worker mothers I have ever met.
David and I made some soul winning calls in an apartment complex and after knocking on several doors we noticed a young lady walking and we gave her a Gospel tract and asked if her mother was home and she said “Yes!” So, she took us to her door and she entered and soon her mother returned to the door. I introduced myself and David! I explained that we wanted to be very careful about approaching the children so we asked to meet her. Mrs. Stevenson was so kind to allow us to come in and take time to present the Gospel to her and her daughter Ashley. The mother was already saved but she gave us opportunity to give the Gospel to Ashley. In just a few minutes Ashley prayed and trusted Christ as payment for her sins. The mother was excited and very grateful that we came by! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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