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This morning I was up at 7, had my quiet time, ate a light breakfast, and walked 4 miles on the treadmill. I meet some of the pastors and families staying at the same motel in the breakfast area. We laughed and had a little fun.
I then showered, dressed, and went over my notes for the sermon “UNITY vs. UNION.” God is not for UNION of local churches. He is however for UNITY within the frame work of a local church. One mind, one place, and one accord! UNION is a Catholic and Protestant teaching. When you hear or read of an independent Baptist preacher using the term “body of Christ” as a collective term for all Christians he is teaching Catholicism and Protestant doctrine. When they say “the church” as if it is some invisible mystical thing out there some where I would suggest you run from that preacher as fast as you can! That is Evangelical talk and not true to the Scriptures. We are not the “bride” of Christ yet! You have to be married to be considered a “bride.”
After the morning service Pastor Richard Haley invited us to lunch and a question and answer session which is a usual event for Tuesday morning meetings. On my way into the restaurant I spotted two ladies sitting outside the entrance. I greeted them and then struck up a conversation. This was a mother and daughter. Mrs. Vi Trammel and her daughter Diane Simmons. We talked a little bit and then I gave them some church Gospel tracts. After explaining the Scriptures about how to know a person’s sins are paid for the mother asked me if she had to remember all of her sins in order to be saved from going to Hell. I told her there is no way she could recall all of them. She agreed and I explained that when you receive Jesus Christ’s blood for atonement of sin that He is easily prepared to take care of all past, present, and future sin. After a few more moments they both bowed their heads and prayed for Christ to become the payment for all of their sins.
We then went inside the restaurant and ate from the buffet and then I answered questions for about two hours. Hard to believe but there were some intelligent questions asked. Ha! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I believe the folks did too. We will be back tonight for the service at 7. If you are in the area please come on out to the Riverside Baptist Church of Hutchinson, Kansas, on 8th street. I believe you will love the spirit of this church! Gotta love serving the Lord!

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