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I was up at 6 this morning, had my quiet time, ate a light breakfast, showered, dressed, and prepared for the Sunday school lesson and sermon. I then finished a chapter on my new book on FRIENDSHIP. Several of my new books are at the printers. SUFFERING?, SUFFERING FRUITFULLY, and THE DOCTRINES OF SALVATION. Also, I have other books in the process of being proofed. I have THE PERSONAL SOUL WINNER’S MANUEL and the book on HEAVEN being proofed. I have just started a series of books on JESUS and the current work on FRIENDSHIP along with my JUST A THOUGHT series. There will be ten of the JUST A THOUGHT books all together.
I am preaching at the Faith Baptist Church of Riverside, California today and tomorrow. This is a great church with a great spirit. Pastor Nathan Cook, no relation to Jerry Cook, is the pastor. This morning in Sunday school I taught the lesson on “The Lines of Defense.” I preached this morning my sermon “Why Do I Still Have My Burdens?” Many after the service thanked me for the sermon and mentioned how it answered many questions! There were 8 saved and 4 baptized this morning. They always have a wonderful response to preaching. These folks love preaching. This morning Chris and Necole Middleton made professions of faith. They have a ten year old daughter I have not had an opportunity to speak to her. Hopefully I will have that opportunity to talk to her about the Lord tonight.
I was just going over my soul winners New Testament. God gave me 32 salvation decisions last month and 12 baptisms. I a little ahead of last year and hopefully I will be able to finish the year ahead! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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