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I slept in this morning! Lazy, lazy, lazy! Wait a minute what am I worried about I’m retired! I drove this morning to Murfreesboro, Tn., from Waverly, Tn., to visit Mama. She was released from the hospital last Wednesday and is very weak. She lives with my younger brother Jerry and his dear wife Ronnie. They are the BEST! They have done a marvelous job of caring for Mama. She was a great mother and teacher!
Jerry asked me if I wanted to play a round of golf with him. He took up the game two years ago so I thought this would be easy pickings! Ha! Was I ever wrong! He almost beat me! Did you catch that? ALMOST beat me which means he LOST! Ha! I only beat him by one stroke. Too close for comfort. I guess I will have to come back for a rematch now? It is in the high 80’s and sunny. We had a great time together! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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