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Today was set aside for four of the grand children to earn money for camp next week. They, along with their mothers, came to the house to help with a job I have been putting off for months. The room where my treadmill, washing machine, dryer, and books are kept was a mess. Well thus begins the journey for the day!
It started at 9 am when Nick and Jordan put together the first book case that I purchased from none other than Wal Mart. They did a great job putting this together. When they started on the second book case they discovered that the screws were damaged. So, I went to the hard ware store and they had nothing in stock. I then went to Wal Mart where the cases were purchased and they were kind enough to find me some screws that would work. We went back to the house and the boys finished up the book cases.
Kim, Karen, Aly, and Meagan in the mean time started cleaning every thing out. We had bags of stuff for a garage sale and the dump. When every thing was finished Meagan prepared a spaghetti dinner for every one. She prepared some broiled fish and veggies for me! Their grandmother loved the spaghetti! We had a great time together! We gave each of them some money for camp and even some extra for when they find time to clean out the last room! GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!

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