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I was up at 6 am, quiet time, 3 miles on the treadmill, showered, prepared breakfast for the little wife, ate a light breakfast, and put my luggage in the car. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen will pick me up at 10 and off to the Longview International Airport we go! I will catch an 11:15 flight to DFW and then a 1:05 flight to Greensboro, NC.
I will be preaching for my good friend Pastor Bill Davis who pastors the Cornerstone Baptist Church. He is a great soul winner and a great pastor. I have observed this dear man of God go through many trials for years and yet he kept on going. AMEN!
Maybe you can help me with something? Should I preach for a Charismatic church? Should I teach in a Charismatic church? Maybe I could help them? Maybe I could get some of their members to attend TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE? Maybe I could sell more of my books? Maybe I could preach to bigger crowds?
Just wondering! Let me know what you think? Please help me because after all I am just a young preacher and I am sure some of you could help me?


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