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I arrived on time in Greensboro, NC., and Pastor Bill Davis who pastors the Cornerstone Baptist Church picked me up at the airport and drove me to the Hampton Inn. We had a wonderful time together. God is soooooo good! Pastor Davis has had some serious heart problems for years but he looked great and the church is doing very well. He related some recent blessings with many folks trusting Christ and following the Lord in baptism.
When I arrived at the motel I went to my room and left my luggage there and the Pastor drove me to a Wendy’s to purchase a grilled chicken salad to take back to my room with some bottled water. When I went back to my room I passed the laundry room and heard the ladies working away. I went to my room and then returned to the laundry room and presented the Gospel to the ladies. One lady listened intently and in a matter of a few moments she bowed her head and prayed to trust Christ as payment for all of her sins. Her name is Roubatou and she is from Ghana. We had a great talk and hopefully she will be able to make it to church tomorrow night. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!
WOW! What a response to my email comment this morning about preaching at a Charismatic church. Calm down folks! I was only jesting and using sarcasm! I can see that you folks are serious about this thing!
Ecclesiastes 10:16, “Woe to thee, when thy king is a child…” We have so-called leaders in fundamentalism that are novice pastors who sit on their thrones making childish decisions that will effect the next generation who are so personality driven they lack spiritual insight into the doctrinal compromise that will eat away like an unseen cancer until it is too late! Modern day Balaams! It is the children who will pay! You do not catch wellness you only catch sickness! When you yoke up with bad doctrine they are not affected you are affected!
We are so concerned about attendance that we are forgetting about the attendees! Big is not always better! This mega-church and mecca-church mentality is going to lead fundamentalist like sheep to the slaughter! 90 % of the churches in America are in rural areas and can never be a mega-church. There are only 180 plus metropolitan areas in America with 400,000 churches who are mostly in rural areas. These mega-churches are feeding off of the smaller churches and it is damaging the cause of Christ!
Just because some one WARNS about such childish acts does not mean they are ATTACKING any one. This Rodney King theology of “WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG” is going to allow Satan to work! Where are the WATCHMEN of 2010? Where are the ones who cry aloud and are not afraid of the powers that be in fundamentalism? We are not ONE! This is a Catholic teaching of universalism!
God intended for there to be independent churches and independent preachers who bow down to no human! Loyalty to a person who perverts truth is in essence disloyalty. The chain of command begins with God the Father, then to Jesus the Son, and then to man. The FLAWLESS WRITTEN WORD and the FLAWLESS LIVING WORD are equal. Most independent Baptists are checking their brains at the door! GOTTA LOVE THE FLAWLESS KING JAMES BIBLE!

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