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Scott, Jenny, and the boys are in town for a few days. It is Scott II’s 16th birthday and today they are taking Scott II on a VIP tour of the Palace in Dallas the Cowboy’s new stadium. I bet they are having a great time. Mark, Kim, Bob, Kelly, and Karen had lunch at the Olive Garden yesterday. I was busy working on getting my schedule for 2011 set and preparing for the NATIONAL SWORD OF THE LORD book table where my new books will be unveiled. After I finished the meeting I went to meet them at the Olive Garden. They had already eaten and I had ordered a take out lunch for their mother. So I could only stay for a few minutes. GOTTA LOVE FAMILY!
The soul winning last night was great. The Lord allowed me to lead two young men to Christ. I also checked on some other converts to make sure they were going to be here next Sunday. God has given me 8 souls for the week so far and 20 for the month of July. Out of those 20 saved 6 have followed the Lord in Baptism. GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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