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I am preaching today for my good friend Pastor Don Noonan who pastors the Rochester Baptist Church of Rochester, Minnesota. He founded this church 11 years ago and is doing a great job. I am not sure if we understand how difficult it is to start a church. God has certainly blessed this man of God and this church.
Today I meet some folks who heard me preach with Dr. Jack Hyles years ago in Moreno Valley, California. Julia Conde Jr. and his wife Crystal are to my left. Her brother Saul Luna to my far right were the three who heard me preach many times as teenagers. They told me today that they were excited about their children being able to hear me preach. They wanted their children to hear what they had heard as teens. 
Julia and Cyrstal have 6 children now. Doris (13), Julio (12), Aurora (11), Wendy (10), Nylah (5), and Esther (1). Saul and Maria have four children. Daisy (5), Annisa (3), Zachariah (1), and Kalila (7 months). Saul was saved this morning and baptized. 
I wonder how some will answer God when it comes to changing what was preached when Dr. Jack Hyles pounded the pulpit and declared that the King James Bible was FLAWLESS. Thank the Lord these teenagers heard the same truth that was preached when Dr. Hyles and I preached together. I dare not put a question mark on the inspiration of the Word of God. Yes, the King James Bible is FLAWLESS just like our Saviour is FLAWLESS! Shame on you so-called leaders who say other wise! I pity the teens who listen to you! GOTTA LOVE THE PRESERVED INSPIRATION OF THE KJB!
I have for going on 39 years preached that the King James Bible is preserved, inspired, infallible, and the flawless Word of God. I will not change the way I say it because I have not changed the way I believe it! GOTTA LOVE THE KJB!

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