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Last night at the Wednesday night Bible Study at Longview Baptist Temple I noticed R. G. singing on the front row of the LBT Teen Choir. He is such a joy and blessing to every one.
R. G. was born on May 7, 1992, and was not expected to survive because of all of his multiple physical problems I can still recall the day he rolled over and when it became obvious that he could hear. We were told not to expect too much but here he is singing in the LBT Teen Choir. I had the honor of going soul winning with R. G. He is a blessing! WOW! What a God we serve!
Bob and Kelly have been marvelous parents. DeAnna and Jordan have been especially loving and helpful. Their mother and I are extremely proud of R. G. and his family. After Bob II was voted in as pastor R. G. went around firing everybody. He would walk up and say, “Your fired!” He thinks the whole world is abnormal and that he is the only normal one in the world. He is 19 and has the mind of a three year old but what a blessing he is to so many! GOTTA LOVE THOSE GRAND CHILDREN!

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