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I was up at 6 am, fixed a bowl of cereal and toast for the little lady of the house. She had a rough night and was up before me this morning. I had my quiet time, I went 3 miles on the treadmill, and then ate a light breakfast. I finished some work on new chapters for a new series of books on JESUS I am working on! I am excited about this series. I always pack the night before so that I’m ready to go and so I loaded my luggage in my car this morning. Assistant Pastor Bob Queen will take me to the airport this morning. He is a faithful servant of God and a dear friend!
I flew to DFW and then on to Cleveland, Ohio. I was greeted at the airport by Pastor Skiver and Assistant Pastor David Ballert. I always enjoy being with these men of God. Dr. Skiver has been a staple of stability in this part of America. When we think of this great man of God you can’t help but think of standing true without compromise. I think of Solomon when God said of him, “IF HE BE CONSTANT” that God would bless him. Dr. Skiver has been “CONSTANT.” I like men who are not blown about by every wind of doctrine that comes along! 
Who would have thought ten years ago that we would have to fight within our own ranks the issue of inspiration of the Scriptures. It is a ploy by Satan to open the door to perversions of the Scriptures. At TEXAS BAPTIST COLLEGE you will not have to worry about a faculty that will place a question mark on the KJB! GOTTA LOVE THE PRESERVED INSPIRATION OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE!

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