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This morning I was up at 6, had my quiet time, 3 miles on the treadmill, fixed breakfast for the little wife, ate a light breakfast, showered, dressed, and went shopping from my honey do list! Checked on R. G. and Kelly reported that the surgery was a success. He has had 19 surgeries and just hates seeing doctors any more. You can’t blame him. His grandmother is the same way! Later on I stopped by the church and worked on my preaching schedule.
I left the house about two this afternoon and drove to Fort Worth to preach at the Fort Worth Baptist Temple Bible Conference. Pastor Darren Robinson who pastors the Rock of Ages Baptist Church of Fallon, Nevada, and Dr. Smith met me at the Best Western Motel. We had a little time to fellowship and I enjoyed our brief time together. Pastor Robinson preached first tonight and I preached second. WOW! Pastor Robinson brought the house down and God moved in. I preached my sermon THE DANGER OF CHANGE. The building was packed and there was no way they could have gone to altar. God met with us in an unusual way. 
When I had arrived and checked into the motel Heather, the clerk, checked me in. I later went to the desk and gave her and the owner a Gospel tract. I started to present the Gospel and folks started coming in and so I excused myself and told them I would talk to them later on. When I came back to the motel after the service Heather was still at the desk and I asked her if she had read the Gospel tract and she said, “No, I have been rather busy!” I then asked her if she would like for me to explain the Gospel to her and she said she would like that. I took a few minutes to explain to her about sin, its penalty, Jesus’ payment, and our decision of whether to reject or accept His payment for all of our sins. She listened and in a few minutes bowed her head and received Christ as payment for her sins. WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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