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Tonight is one of 9 soul winning opportunities that our church offers for her members to spread the Gospel. We meet on Wednesday at 6 pm and pair up to spread the Gospel to the unsaved. Tonight I was scheduled to go with one of our men Larry Anderson. I was privileged to be his pastor for almost 30 years. He drives one of our Sunday school buses and is a faithful Sunday school teacher. 
Tonight we gave the Gospel to several people and one family allowed us to go through the Gospel presentation. Melvin had just gotten home from work and was very tired but he pulled out his Bible (King James) from a night stand and followed along as I gave the Scriptures. He was exhausted! You have to understand it was 102 degrees in the shade today! Yet this dear man was so kind and his dear wife Kim were very attentive. They have two beautiful young daughters and after explaining what the Bible had to say about how to go to Heaven these dear folks bowed their heads and prayed to trust Christ to pay for their sins. As mom and dad were praying I heard their little six year old girl praying with us. When we finished praying I looked at Lakia and said, “Did I hear you pray with us?” She answered, “Yes I prayed too!” WOW!
After talking about coming to church Kim said to us, “I used to ride the buses to LBT when I was my daughters age. We moved away and now I have a family of my own we would like to come Sunday!” WOW! GOTTA LOVE SOUL WINNING!

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